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Friday, 26 February 2010

"Turncoats", Winter 2010 collection by one of my favourites, Nom D

They have also produced a stunning film featuring the collection, which can be found on their website (I couldn't figure out how to post it here, but their website is pretty great so is worth the visit). I always enjoy when labels use film as a way of showcasing their collection. The combination of movement, light and sound allows one to experience the clothing beyond what a photograph can provide. The way the layered fabrics move and sway around the body really heightens one's sense of the clothes as tangible beings, rather than just beautiful two-dimensional images. Film allows a designer to create a whole world for their collection, and to then broadcast that vision to anyone who has access to the internet. I'm really enjoying watching the fashion world adapt to digital media, and I'm excited to see how designers utilise technology both in the creation and presentation of collections.

a kind of outfit post

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Inspired by my lack of camera/tripod/photography skills and The Considered Ensemble, a great new word-only street style blog I discovered through the also great So Much To Tell You, I present to you today's outfit....

Black tights under grey high-waisted, tapered, stiff-cotton H&M trousers with Arnsdorf nude leather belt.
AA navy loose crop tee under white with black fox-print Carin Wester for Weekday cardigan.
Ann Demeulemeester black leather heeled oxfords.
Chunky dark silver chain necklace by House of Baulch from Obus, various silver rings, silver bracelet worn half-way up forearm.
Bright blue nailpolish and freshly cut short bob hair (a little Anna Wintour, a little 20s flapper girl, a little pageboy - according to a friend. All things I can live with).

Today I am sitting the gallery where I have an exhibition on at the moment (I will show you guys my art very soon...I am a little shy when it comes to these things as you may be able to tell) so needed to be comfortable. This outfit is nothing special (and definitely no 'considered ensemble'), but I like the idea of describing what I wear and think I will do this on a regular basis. I have also been experimenting with taking outfit photos, but so far they have all turned out pretty dodgy. I may need to call on a friend for this as I would really love to post outfit pics now and then. But for now, you will have to use your imagination.


Wednesday, 17 February 2010

I subscribed to Japanese fashion mag So-En about a year ago and despite trying to cut back on expenses and save my money, this was one expense I couldn't bear to let go of just yet. Here are a few outfits from some recent issues that I love. The stylists have such an eye for layering colour and texture in a subtle way that draws me in everytime. I also really love the way they mix sportswear with softer, more romantic pieces.

I am still without scanner, but will be getting access to one very soon (so excited!) so you will still have to put up with my crappy photos for now and look forward to better quality images in the next week or so. I have many more pages to share with you from my now massive pile of So-En mags, I can't wait!

No One Belongs In My Suitcase More Than You

Saturday, 13 February 2010

 Yesterday I stopped by Alice Euphemia (one of my favourite stores in Melbourne) and saw the first drop ofArnsdorf's latest collection for A/W 2010 - No One Belongs In My Suitcase More Than You. I tried on the deep red double sleeve coat (top right) and it was divine. I loved it immediately and realised the truth behind the collection's title. It was the perfect example of a classic with a twist, was made to be worn numerous ways (always exciting) and most importantly was warm and comfortable. Unfortunately it couldn't come home with me, but I enjoyed the time we spent together anyway.For now, I will just enjoy looking at the stunningly shot lookbook.

But moving on from the dream coat, what really struck me about this collection is the colour palette used - deep reds, tan, white, grey, pastel pink and a touch of cyan - perfect for winter. I will have these in mind when I am next op shopping as part of my plan to add colour to my wardrobe. 

Lola Dupré

Just wanted to share these beautiful collage works by Glasgow-based artist Lola Dupré. 
You can view more of her work on her blog here.

Chasing Winter

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

(via The Sartorialist, Face Hunter, possibly Hel-Looks and the last image is a recent one from Dropsnap)

Another quick post featuring a series of images I had saved on my computer. This is how I want to dress come winter time (can you tell I prefer cold weather?). Luckily for me Melbourne weather is all over the place, so even in summer there will be the odd cold day that allows me to whip out the layers. Looking at the forecast, this Friday is set to be cool so I am looking to these lovely outfits as inspiration. My aim: to wear as little black as possible and give colour a chance.

dancing in the dark

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Sorry about the slow down in posts this week, I have been installing an exhibition that opens on Friday that has been using up all my creative energy. Also I know I promised outfit photos but working in a dusty, dark gallery combined with the unbearable humidity has resulted in me wearing very boring clothing. It was so hot one day I actually wore boxer shorts to the gallery, that is what sleep deprivation and the heat do to my mind. BUT it is all basically complete now, so I can rest easy and direct my attention back to this poor old blog of mine.

I don't think I have mentioned on here before that I love dancing and the theatre. I trained as a classical ballet and contemporary dancer from the age of 5, and haven't stopped since. While I don't have the drive or passion to be a professional, I still love going to dance class and going to see dance productions. So, with this in mind I decided to look through my 'inspiration' folders on my computer and found some old images of dancers and dance-inspired editorials. Unfortunately these were saved long before I had a blog or even thought to record sources, so if you know where any of these images come from please let me know!

All in the details

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Today I was thinking about details, those little unexpected elements that transform an outfit from nice to extraordinary, that add a personal touch and twist to the classics. In particular, I was thinking about standard accessories, such as as belts, shoelaces, ribbons, that when taken from their natural habitat can completely refresh an outfit. I am calling these 'displaced accessories', because I am in the mood to be a bit wanky and act like an editor labelling trends. Sometimes I like, no need, to box and label things both literally and metaphorically in order to move on. There have been a few images circling around in my head lately, and it was getting a bit chaotic until today I found a way of linking them. So I present to you my list of displaced accessories...

1. Ribbons worn as shoelaces

This was of course inspired by Style Like U. I tried to replicate this at home but soon realised I didn't have any suitable ribbons. I'm sure you could try with thin ribbons, but I wanted thick, taffeta-like stuff. So I went through my fabric remnants and still wasn't inspired. Then I tried used thin silk scarves. I think it looked pretty good, but I need to get some more fabric so I can have matching boots, although asymmetry is always fun. I have no photos yet but will take some later today when I have been to the fabric store.

2. Shoeslaces worn as belts

After seeing Alessandra Calabi's Acne pants on Style Like U I had a strong desire to either a) buy the exact same Acne pants or b) just buy some shoe laces and wear it as a belt. I decide to get thrifty and after a quick google search bought some black, fat laces from the Super Fat Laces site. You might be able to get them cheaper elsewhere but I wanted a quick solution and they still ended up costing less than AU$10. That is the best thing about these 'details' - they are generally quick, cheap and easy to accomplish. I have similar pants already, so I can't wait until the laces arrives. I'll be sure to post the results! If you are cashed up and want the real deal you can get the Acne Play Trousers (with shoelace belt) in their outlet HERE.

3. Belts worn as anklets

Image from Spotding. This is such a good idea. Again, quick, cheap and easy. I’m sure most of us have a studded belt lying around, and if not a trip to a flea market or second hand store would deliver the goods. The great thing is the belt could be seriously ugly but when turned into a shoe attachment it becomes a thing of great beauty.

4. Anklets (or bracelets or necklaces) worn as headpieces

This is kind of cheating because I posted this pic already, but I’ve always like the idea of using jewellery as a headpiece. Once again image from Style Like U (I wonder how many times I can link this site in one post?)

5. So the nice flow had to end somewhere...but gloves as headwear

A la Beetlejuice via one of the best blogs going around – Is Mental.

6. Scarves as headwear

So this probably was originally intended as a headband, but I love that it looks like a plaited scarf. Image from Ringa, have a banana!

Now this is not in keeping with the displaced theme, but I've been seeing a few peeps wearing chunk short necklaces with buttoned up shirts or simple tees and I'm really liking it. So I'm going to copy it. Here are the images that brought on this obsession...

Via 1. Face Hunter 2. origami mon ami (another great blog). 3. Turned Out

Again, fairly easy to replicate because most people have at least one shirt or plain tee, and these kind of necklaces can be bought cheaply from lots of places. I already had a few necklaces that kind of work, they aren't perfect but it was a good start working with what I already have.

Silver necklace: Sportsgirl (from about 3 years ago?)

Wooden necklace: Present from my mum bought at Camden markets

Shirt: Arnsdorf apricot shirt

Silver necklace: Belly dancing chain belt from Camberwell markets looped twice

Blue bead necklace: Bought on sale at Myer (department store) a few years ago

Tee: AA tri-blend crop tee

So these are my poor attempts at easing myself into the outfit photo business. I still don't have a tripod but will attempt to balance my laptop on my bed or desk and get some crappy but better-than-nothing full length pics later today. Also this morning I am going on a mini op shopping/fabric store trip so I can continue experimenting with these ideas. Hopefully I find some cheap, fun necklaces, ribbons, belts and gloves to play with!



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