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La vitesse et la pierre

Sunday, 25 April 2010

This is a mindblowing short film directed by Igor Zimmermann and duo Frode&Marcus as part of Whyred's Art Project series. 

From the makers:

The filmmakers wanted to make the process into an adventure. The film is shot in Western Sahara, Stockholm, Sweden and Norway. Along the 3000 kilometres, which they drove through West Africa, they slept in the trunk of their car outside deserted towns, burned shoes in the desert and had long discussions with African border police, about whether photography can be art. This was to explain why they had 30 kilograms blue dye in the luggage.

‘La Vitesse Et La Pierre’ is the result of an experiment that explores the intersection of film and photography. The boundaries between the traditional roles of director, photographer and actor in this production are dissolved. The result is a humorous, poetic and highly visual journey.

found via Mother blog

winter made easy part 2

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Melbourne's winters are not exactly extreme, but they are still cold and can be rainy and are usually windy as all hell. All in all they can be quite unpleasant if you aren't prepared. Personally I loveeee winter, but it still takes some planning to remain comfortable and protected from the elements while looking decent.
While it hardly looks windy/rainy in the photos above, add an umbrella or a raincoat in your bag and you are set to defend yourself as you dash from the train to work/uni/cafe/shopping/whatever. The most crucial item for me in winter (besides said waterproof gear, and boots) is a scarf/shawl/pashmina. Preferably very long, in a nice colour, with a subtle print or detail, and chunky but still able to folded away into a bag if the sun comes out. I'm looking for a new one for this winter, any suggestions?

 (Images via Facehunter, The Sartorialist, Stockholm Streetstyle, Dropsnap.jp)

some things i made

Massacre of the Innocents series, 2009
(a collaboration between myself and my friend K)

This is some of the work from my Grad Show held in November last year. For my upcoming exhibition we have created some new works that are being kept under wraps until the opening.

I don't want to write too much about these, because I would much rather hear your thoughts without me influencing your opinion, but I'll give you some info that is part of the work....
Basically these are transcriptons of an Old Masters painting, Massacre of the Innocents, by Rubens. 
Using one fashion magazine per collage, we re-created the painting as accurately as possible.
Once complete, we enlarged, reprinted and re-collaged each image to match the original size of the painting, approx. 1.8 x 1.5m.

And that is all I have to say about that, for now.

winter made easy part 1

Friday, 23 April 2010

So many things I love about these. Who wouldn't love an outfit that has it's own pillow? 
Imagine napping on the train with that bad boy, it's genius. And it looks good.

All from the one and only Andrea Crews

up close

The forever amazing Materialbyproduct via Children Of Vision

Anne Valerie Hash

Anne Valerie Hash is one of those designers who has always been in the back of my mind, but who I have never paid enough attention to. While browsing Black Velvet Circus vintage store a few weeks ago I came across one of her dresses for sale and fell in love. I waited and thought it over, as I have mentioned before I am trying to buy better, and wanted to make sure it was true love, not just an impulse. But I couldn't get it out of my mind: the deconstructed detailling, the embroidery, the silk fabric, the colour. So, it was added to cart and is now on its way to me from Germany (pending volcanic ash) thanks to the lovely Tanja who made an exception and shipped to me despite their EU-only shipping policy. I cannot wait to wear the dress to my exhibition opening at the end of May, (ps: preview of my artwork coming up this weekend!) I am a sucker for dresses that have an interesting cut and are a muted or neutral colour besides black. Will definitely post pics when it arrives!!

Inspired by the purchase I decided to turn my focus to Hash's work. The above images are a mix of collections from 2002 - 2010, including an image from her book. I love the converse worn with the frothy, ethereal dress, the metallic dipped brogues (DIY?), and the mish-mash of masculine and feminine. They all just seem like lovely, easy, yet interesting pieces that would make getting dressed a simple, no-fuss affair.

lost between orange and blue

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Where I am, I don't know, 
I'll never know, in the silence you don't know, 
you must go on, I can't go on, I'll go on.

- Samuel Beckett

(From top: Anntian at Creatures of Comfort, Dropsnap.jp, tweet tweet tweet, Dropsnap.jp, Rachel Comey at Creatures of Comfort, Christophe Stibio at Flinders Lane Gallery, Russh, unknown, Australian landscape images at pocketburgers, The Fashion Spot, Laura Mackness for Weekday, pocketburgers)

the cold is coming

Thursday, 15 April 2010

I am loving the cold turn the weather in Melbourne has taken this week. These images have been in my 'inspiration' folder for far too long and today felt like the right day to share them. I am really drawn to the overwhelming layering of the first few images, the ease and comfort of the oversized knits and the clarity of early Hussein Chalayan collections. 

I'm away until next Wednesday working on a film in country Victoria, so unfortunately won't be able to post until then, but have lots to share when I return. Have a great weekend!

(From top: source forgotten - sorry!, image of Viktor & Rolf's first collection via TFS, Garance Dore x 2, Hussein Chalayan via TFS x 2)


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