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bon voyage

Friday, 21 May 2010

Lately I have been crushing over Zippora Seven on TFS.

 I have also become OBSESSED with the girls from the Liger store blog. WOWWW. Thanks to Miss Woo from Cheapskate Chic for discovering them. They are amazing. So sure they have access to some seriously rad gear but they kill it everytime. And the Celine sandals look sooo good on them, and not a tan leather skirt in sight. They have also reignited my love for crazy knits. And anyone who can rock MBT shoes is a superhero.

 Recently I also sold about half my wardrobe (the half I never wore) and used the resulting money to buy a couple of delightful things. Firstly a Bernhard Willhelm plaid top from Shop Fatal (I am obsessed now) and a Tao for CDG F/W 2008 top (the top version of the dress in the photo) from eBay. They were pretty expensive, well for me anyway, but I LOVE them and am really happy I got things I adore rather than a pile of things that are ok.

 In other news....
 About a week ago I finally received confirmation that I am going to Paris on exchange next semester for 6 months. I am extremely excited, but also nervous and anxious. I've been so busy with assignments and exams it's taken a little while to compute, but now that my one-way flight is booked and I've pretty much secured an apartment (10 min walk from COS....ahhh I am going to be so broke) it is becoming very real. I leave in less than 3 months, and if all goes to plan I'll be moving from Paris to Glasgow and won't be back in Australia for around 3 years. Yikes. Now all that is left to do is piles of paperwork, pack up my life, improve my French as quickly as possible and say goodbye to Melbourne, my home for basically the last 22 years. It is a crazy, wonderful time.

Does anyone have any recommendations for things I should see/buy/taste/do in Paris? 
Great cafes, boutiques, secondhand stores, bars, anything?

PS: Exams are nearly over, just another two crazy weeks and I'll be posting much more regularly.

a quick one

Saturday, 8 May 2010

This morning I went to the lovely Heide Museum and as usual walked away inspired by so many different works. My favourite was Simryn Gill's exhibition, a collection of works that explore many different themes such as history, memory, immigration and identity. Simryn used a variety of methods from collecting washed up stones and glass fragments, to photographing her neighbourhoods in Sydney and Malaysia, to creating necklaces from secondhand books in her Pearl series (my favourite). 

There was a quiet beauty that really resonated with me, the entire space was very relaxing and I really felt like I was taken on a journey. Some of the installations invited viewers to interact by making paper boats from the pages of an old Encyclopedia, to playing with and arranging beach stones and broken ceramics on the floor. The tactile element of the exhibition was refreshing and added to the meditative experience.
For more information on the show check out the Heide website.

 Speaking of relaxing experiences, here is some weekend eye candy via Style Like U. 
I have always had a crush on Robert Redford....

another from mother

Monday, 3 May 2010


Images 1, 3, 5, 7 are some great scans from Another Magazine featuring CDG clothes found via one of my new favourite sites: Mother blog (I mentioned it in the last post too).

Images 2, 4, 6 by Ellen Rogers - found her site through the Kronkron blog.

Please excuse my absence for the next little while, assignments and life in general are getting very full on so I will be light on posting until the end of May.



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