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masked hero

Thursday, 22 July 2010

1, 3, 5 - Sidney Nolan, 2, 4, 6 - Sandra Freij via TFS, 7 - yrkool  tumblr


Art was always to me a means of getting in contact with another world.
You could never see that other world and were never told about it, but art always seemed to be kind of touching it. 
- Sir Sidney Nolan 

the great outdoors

Lately I've been really influenced by outdoor gear - the kind of hardwearing, practical stuff you would take hiking and camping. Perhaps it is because my boyfriend is a massive hiking freak who also works at a camping store, but I've always had a place in my heart for the hi-tech fabrics, textures of canvas, rope, leather, and fun gadgets that can be found at camping and disposals stores. Looking inside the latest issue of So-En I realised how much my love for outdoor gear had grown when confronted with their 'Outdoor Mix' editorial - mixing high end luxury fashion brands with camping clothes, tents and rope. 

Please excuse crappy iPhone photo quality

I showed my fashion-sceptical boy as the editorial features a pair of Arcteryx overalls, his favourite brand, and the result was a lovely, albeit fleeting moment in which he actually liked something to do with 'fashion'. But I digress. The main inspiration I drew from the styling was the fantastic layering and the backpack! I have a plain, worn, black leather backpack I use for uni but I have been thinking about getting something more interesting. I remembered the fantastic blog, An Ambitious Project Collapsing, and the great vintage hiking bags that are often featured there. So once I get to Paris (28 days and counting!) I will be on the lookout, or I may just end up buying this one  from Urban Outfitters

And now for some more images that make me want to escape to a wood cabin in the forest and drink hot chocolate by the fire all the while wrapped up in knits and durable 'I can take on anything' fabrics.

From top: Google, Opening Ceremony A/W 2010 lookbook, Bless, La Garconne A/W 2010 lookbook, Turned Out.


Sunday, 18 July 2010

Recently I saw Goemon at ACMI, mainly motivated by the fact that Australian fashion designer Tina Kalivas was the costume designer for the film. The costumes were glorious, but besides that the film itself was very entertaining. Goemon is an epic tale that combines Robin Hood with Ninjas, crazy animated fight sequences, beautiful art direction and a perfect mix of comedy and drama. I noticed it has now been released at my local video store so if you are in the mood for a fun, long, crazy but also quite moving film, featuring a very good looking and well-dressed cast, then check it out! Here are some images from Tina Kalivas' website to show just how spectacular the movie looks (and also how talented she is as a designer!). 

Albert's path is a strange and difficult one

Monday, 12 July 2010

From top:  1, 10, 14 - Bernhard Willhelm via Maryam Nassir Zadeh, 2, 5, 7 - images from Prints and the Revolution editorial from The New York Times magazine online, 3, 8, 11 - Meadham Kirchhoff AW 2010 backstage image from People in London, 4, 6, 9, 12 - Anntian lookbook images from Anntian archives, 13 - Meadham Kirchhoff AW 2010 runway pic via google. 

bill and the biennale

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

 Images 1, 4 - Beautiful Cockatoo Island photos by Christopher Chan www.christopher-chan.com
 Images 2,3,5,6 - Bill Viola

While in Sydney last week I visited two Sydney Biennale venues - The Museum of Contemporary Art at Circular Quay and Cockatoo Island. I first went to the Sydney Biennale two years ago and particularly LOVED Cockatoo Island so was stoked to get to go back! The journey to the island is in itself amazing, crossing the harbour with all the beautiful Sydney icons like the Opera House in full view. Once you arrive it becomes clear why Cockatoo Island has been nominated for World Heritage Listing, and why it is the perfect venue for an art biennale. A former prison, shipyard and school, the island's history is revealed through the industrial remnants and ruins that remain. Walking around the warehouses, with rusty machinery sitting alongside sound installations and large-scale paintings, is really something else and a wonderful contrast to the conventional white cube gallery. The lack of obvious healthy and safety precautions was refreshing, you really felt like you were free to explore and discover. That said, the most memorable artwork of the Biennale for me was shown at the MCA, and was a video work by Bill Viola. I had never seen his work exhibited before so was blown away by the stillness and beauty of his piece.
All in all a great trip and if you are in Sydney in the next 4 weeks do not miss out!


I have returned to the blogging world after a long break in which I spent one week in bed with a cold, one week studying for exams, one week visiting friends in Sydney and another week down the coast and pottering around home getting ready for my move to Paris in just over a month. (eek!)

Now to get back in the blogging mood I have answered a short Q&A that was sent to me by 2threads.

1.The time you felt most inspired by fashion – your most inspiring fashion moment
I took a gap year after I finished high school and went to London and took some summer school courses in fashion design at Central Saint Martins. It was truly amazing, not just studying at what is such fantastic and renowned school but also living in London for a few months all alone and feeling an overwhelming sense of freedom and independence. I had always loved fashion but this experience introduced me to so many new designers and new ways of thinking. It was also inspiring being around so many other people who were enthusiastic about fashion, as none of my friends were interested. I remember distinctly this was the first time I properly learnt about Martin Margiela and his genius ways.
I'm planning to check out the Margiela exhibition that is currently on in London when I head over in August. Cannot wait.

2.The time you were proudest of your outfit or style

Hmmm, tough question. I was very proud of my primary school graduation outfit, circa 1999. I wore chopsticks in my hair (inspired by Girlfriend magazine), glitter make-up and some seriously rad blue suede platform sandals that I wish I still owned. Actually thinking about it now the Junya Watanabe blue platforms I own are very similar.. weird, some things never change.

3.The Time in Fashion you would most like to return to
I'm a big fan of late 80s/90s British fashion - Galliano, McQueen, Hussein Chalayan et al. But to be honest I enjoy the freedom we have today to pick and choose from every era, and there are so many amazing contemporary designers like Comme, Bernhard Willhelm,  Ann Demeulemeester, Dries Van Noten, Bless, Zucca, Anntian, etc etc etc etc. that it would be too painful to return to a time before they existed. I would miss them too much.

1 - 4  Alexander McQueen
5 - 7 John Galliano 
all via TFS



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