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favourite things

Sunday, 31 October 2010

So I've never been much of an outfit blogger. This is for a variety of reasons, but mostly my lack of a decent camera, lack of interest in getting a decent camera,  lack of white wall/space to take photos and general laziness. One of my aims when moving into my studio in Paris was to start taking regular outfit photos. Well, that clearly hasn't happened yet. But I am now really determined to document what I am wearing/buying, mainly for my own benefit so I can look back at what I liked in 2010 and laugh/cry. I wish I had more photographic evidence of things I liked when I was younger, because from the few photos I have it's interesting to see continuity in my clothing choices. Most of the time when I buy things it is because there is just something about it that draws me to it, perhaps I've seen someone wearing something similar recently or it reminds me of a movie. But it's also nice to realise that for whatever reason, there are some things I've always liked to wear, and probably always will. Such as anything in the colour blue, cream lace dresses, chunky platform sandals, dark red velvet, peter pan collars, high-waisted shorts. But enough nostalgia for today, here are some of my favourite tops, shoes and dresses at the moment. More to come. 

Favourite jumpers L-R:  1. Cream knit I 'stole' from my Mum, she knitted it when she was my age in the late 70s.
2. ASOS White blue jumper. Recent purchase and already it is love. 
3. Another knit my mum knitted back in the day.

Favourite tops: 1. Arnsdorf dark red cotton shirt from sample sale, 2. Bernhard Willhelm top from Shopfatal 
3. Arnsdorf red silk shirt from sample sale. 

 Favourite dresses: 1. Topshop lace dress bought on ebay from Elisabeth 2. Cos dress 3. Topshop dress from ebay

Favourite shoes: 1. Scorett dark red boots via Filippa 2. Cos brogues from ebay
3. Nilson black boots (acne pistol rip off) via Filippa (most comfortable boots I own) 4. Asos grey brogues

gia coppola

Thursday, 28 October 2010


Gia Coppola, neice of Sofia, photographer and all round cool girl.

From top: 1: Scan from Vogue Paris via TFS 2, 3:  Photos by Gia from The Skull Set 4, 5: Gia herself via TFS.  6, 7: More photos from The Skull Set. 8: Nylon scan via TFS

halloween memories

 Me with badly photoshopped head of Noah in my very much home-made Noah's Ark costume

Halloween isn’t really celebrated in Australia, but two years ago when I was living in Glasgow on exchange I was so excited to discover that Halloween is huge there! Not sure what it is like in the USA (other than from watching TV), but in Glasgow it was mostly for the adults, with hordes of strangely dressed animals, superheroes, witches and I even saw two giant crayons, running wild in the streets and clubs. I went along, of course, with a few friends from America who were very much into Halloween. We were all studying at the Glasgow School of Art, which meant a) we had not much money because being foreign students on exchange we spent our money on rent, art supplies or after class drinks at the student union and b) we wanted to be a little creative with our frugal costumes. I chose to go as Noah’s Ark and used a box from the supermarket as my boat, with string to hold it up over my shoulders, blue leggings as the ‘ocean’ and lots of tiny stuffed animals from the charity store stuck into the cardboard. I also made cardboard oars so I could glide my way around town. In practice of course the oars started to flop after an hour, I nearly lost my animals when they came unstuck (or other people tried to steal them!) and sitting down proved difficult. But despite the impracticality, it was such a wonderful night. I always prefer costumes that are fun and crafty than the typical approach of using fancy dress as an excuse to wear practically nothing.

This year I have some equally fun and thrifty plans here in Paris, I'll have to remember to take some photos and share them with you all. So, does anyone else have plans for Halloween?

vogue vogue vogue

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

A bit of fashion fantasy to cure the mid-week blues. 
From Vogue Turkey and Vogue China, via Fashion Gone Rogue.

another georgia

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

 Images via The Fashion Spot. 

I seem to have a thing for girl's with the name Georgia lately. Today it is Georgia May Jagger, who always looks so great 'off duty' with her fondness for prints, unusual colour combinations, bright lipstick and always just slightly dishevelled. She even pulls off ridiculous pink wigs. I guess when you look like Bridget Bardot crossed with Lara Stone looking good isn't too hard.

georgia frost

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Just discovered model/stylist Georgia Frost via Natalie Joos' amazing blog Tales of Endearment (her latest post features Georgia modelling some great vintage in London - check it out).

I am really enjoying this kind of simple, wearable styling right now, with clothes that look like they are lived in and loved. Clothes that are worn in the real world and not just the airbrushed fantasy realm of most fashion editorials.

time for a change

Sunday, 10 October 2010

From left: Turned Out, 3.1 Phillip Lim pants at La Garconne, Filippa Berg on The Sartorialist

Anyone else feeling the need for a little flare these days?

jil sander x uniqlo

Friday, 8 October 2010

 I'm really hoping this is as good in person as these photos suggest. I have class the morning it is released here so won't be at the store when it opens, hoping there won't be lines like the New York and that I'll be able to try on a few of the jackets when I eventually make it to the store. Anyone else excited? 
Or for those lucky enough to be in the US, anyone been there, done that and willing to report?

all in the hands

Images from Hand Portraits exhibition showing at Lift Etage, Tokyo.
From top: Ann Demeulemeester, various, Rick Owens & Michele Lamy, Damir Doma, various.


Monday, 4 October 2010

Christine Centenera vis TFS, Stine Goya Snake Cable Sweater from Founders & Followers, Asos White Jumper, Bodkin Caos Sweater from Founders & Followers, Taylor Tomasi Hill via TFS.

la nuit blanche

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Images via The Sartorialist, Tommy Ton for Style.com, Hannah Dilworth shot by Bailey Roberts for SLU,
Tommy Ton for Style.com, Hanneli
The outfits above are how I want to dress right now- soft, relaxed, tactile and a little 70s, with suede and sheer fabrics combined with tassels and embroidery. 

Last night was La Nuit Blanche here in Paris, a free, all night arts festival that takes over the city. I went out exploring with some friends and, along with so many others, soaked up what felt like the last opportunity to enjoy a dry, warm evening out on the town before winter hits. There were some fantastic installations and performances, and besides the art itself it was exciting to be able to go into buildings that aren't usually open to the public. My favourite building was the bakery school on Ile-Saint-Louis, where one could see beautiful architecture, antique machinery and also eat delicious free pastries made by the students.


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