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Saturday, 30 January 2010


I have started a store to sell some of my beloved items in keeping with my resolution to tame my exploding wardrobe. Keep checking back as I will be updating regularly with clothes and accessories to come soon. Items will generally be listed in the store for 2 weeks before being listed on eBay, so get in quick! I ship worldwide! YAY!

Today's update features some amazing Yohji Yamamoto brogues and Ann Demeulemeester boots.

Happy Shopping!

I just try to dress like God

Friday, 29 January 2010

Some of my favourite outfits and details from one of my favourite sites, Style Like U.

Featuring (in no particular order): Chase Cohl, Fatima Al Qadiri, Daliah Heeger, Adia Trischler, Sophie Conti, Alessandra Calabi, Tay Tong, Ally McCormack, Jordan Robin, Leo Cerezo, Marcelo Burlon, Liz Doupnik, Amanda Doman, Sidney Guebelle.

These images remind me to:
- Use antique necklaces as headpiecces like Chase Cohl
- Mix elements of feminine and masculine, and hope to end up looking even half as amazing as Fatima Al Qadiri in the process.
- Experimenting with extravagent pieces like Daliah Heeger, Adia Trischler, Leo Cerezo.
- Attempt to wear trousers and neutrals like Alessandra Calabi, Liz Doupnik, Sophie
- Find the perfect white silk shirt like Sophie Conti
- Combine burgandy and navy like Jordan Robin
- Try using ribbons as shoe laces like Ally McCormack
- Try a DIY CDG blanket coat like Tay Tong
- Hope that if in another life I end up a man I dress like Marcelo Burlon
- Wear a men's silk dressing gown as a jacket like Amanda Doman

An angel, an old woman in bed, and two women

I have been in love with Ron Mueck's work since I saw his exhibition at the National Gallery of Scotland in Edinburgh in 2006. I had only seen his work in photographs prior to that show, and while I had been impressed by the technical skill, it was only in real life that I came to truly appreciate the emotional power of his hyperreal sculptures. Standing in a room with one, their presence is striking. I could swear that I saw one move out of the corner of my eye.

Luckily for Melbournians, or anyone visiting Melbourne in the next few months, Ron Mueck is having an exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria until April 18th. I haven't made it to the show yet, but will be going early this week and so felt the urge to research Mueck's process and concepts a little more. I won't bore you with everything I read, but enjoyed discovering Mueck is a self-confessed recluse, who even avoids attending his own openings. He doesn't like to explain his work, but reveals he is greatly inspired by old masters such as Giambattista Tiepolo. This quote from the NGA website stuck out:

"He does not wish to tell us stories about his work, because it is for us to bring our stories to them."

I really enjoy finding out about the process and routine behind a work of art. I've also been reading Daily Routines, a collection of articles about "how writers, artists and other interesting people organise their days". It is a fascinating read, a great complement to the photo based blogs that also offer insights into people's lifestyle choices such as The Selby.


Thursday, 28 January 2010

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Yay! Technology!

Photo by Lewis Baltz via Big In Japan


Universes by Sandra Selig, 2008.
Spider silk, enamel and fixative on paper
via here

These works are mindblowing. They are made with SPIDER SILK, and are even more beautiful in real life. I have no idea how one would go about making this, and the mystery makes me like the works even more. I sometimes feel real skill and technique often get pushed aside in contemporary art, so I always love seeing artists like Sandra Selig who have a sense of craft as well as concept. I feel the same way about fashion actually.

Beautiful paper sculptures - artist unknown
(please let me know if you know who this is by/where it comes from,
I forgot to save the source)

My ideal winter coat by Comme des Garcons found via Japan Yahoo Auctions a few months ago.
I was too poor and lazy to buy this at the time and now I really REALLY wish I owned it.

Akira Printemps 2010 Collection
These dresses make me wish I had somewhere fancy to go. Maybe I should get married - although I should probaby be getting married for other reasons. Maybe I should marry the dress? (and those shoes)

I really love this image. I'm so excited for autumn and winter dressing.
(Unfortunately again I didn't save the source so if you know where it is from please let me know.)

Genius fingernail ring by Anna-Sara Dåvik via Stilinberlin

I've been super busy this week working on an upcoming exhibition, finishing off my exchange application and catching up with friends. Please forgive the haphazard nature of this post, I just had a few images and ideas I wanted to share.

Forest Girls

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Images via here

Quick post to share a few photos of 'Mori Girls', a Japanese subculture that was brought to my attention by the lovely Emma of Aus Style. She suggested I might be interested in the blog Mori Girl. After only a brief glance I realised I was in LOVE with this beautiful street trend and inspired much further research (and procrastination) scouring the net for more info and photos. Now I'm off to rummage in my closet to try and come up with some similar outfits. If I am successful I may even finally muster up the courage to do a decent outfit post - eek!

Things I Can't Buy - Part Two

One of my favourite online stores My Chameleon is having an amazing sale with up to 70% off Arnsdorf and Therese Rawsthorne. I bought an Arnsdorf apricot shirt off them a few weeks ago (just before my shopping ban!) so can say right now their service is impeccable! The shirt arrived in two days - I mean whenever stores say 'express' shipping it never ends up being that quick, but this was! Best of all the shirt was wrapped beautifully and they sent a free canvas tote with it. I love thoughtful parcels and good service!

1.Therese Rawsthorne jacket worn with Arnsdorf pants
2. Arnsdorf shirt, shorts and belt
3. Therese Rawsthorne silk pants

All from here

Happy bargain shopping!

PS - I decided to finally work out the whole blog 'following' thing so please
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My Parents Were Awesome

Stumbled across My Parents Were Awesome a few days ago and have been transfixed ever since. I have always been drawn to old family photos, both of my own family and of strangers. I have a small collection of photos of strangers that I've found or bought over the past few years in junk stores and at markets. There is something so powerful about saving a once treasured family portrait or snapshot, but it is also kind of creepy. I remember when I collected my first set of photos there was one image of an old lady neatly dressed in her Sunday best that I was particularly drawn too. The first night I owned that photo I dreamt of the old lady from the photo following me around, asking me why, nothing specific, just why? I now keep that one photo in a box.

Two years ago I also found piles of old family photographs from my father's side of the family in storage. They were fascinating for so many reasons, most of which I won't bore you with, but I was especially interested in the feel and the look of each photo. There was such variety, and the quality was very impressive considering many were just snapshots, but through the process of film they become something more; an object, an artifact, a memento. There really is something about the tactility and the palette of old photographs that has been lost with digital. I also fear what would be left behind for future generations if digital storage falters (or maybe that is just me who loses images unless I print them out). I've decided to start printing a small selection of photos every few months to create a real live photo album. Call me old fashioned but to me sifting through a photo album on the couch with a cup of tea is so much nicer than clicking through a gazillion albums on Facebook.

But enough ranting, I can't deny the internet is amazing and without it I would never have access to My Parents Were Awesome. It's beautifully simple: people send in scans of photos of their parents 'before they were parents'. Browsing it is a great way to spend an afternoon (perhaps with a laptop on the couch with a cup of tea......)

And what have I learnt from these awesome parents?
- I want to wear striped skinny trousers with loafers NOW
- I want to go on a road trip with a friend in a pale blue car NOW (actually am doing this next Tuesday minus the pale blue part)
- If I get married I want it to be in a tiny church
- If I have a baby I want a retro print shift dress, gigantic red hair and plaid bedspread to go with it
- Flowing white dresses, striped bathers and massive brown wool jumpers are ALWAYS good


Saturday, 16 January 2010

"Full, saturated colours have an emotional significance I want to avoid."

- Lucian Freud

Right now, I want to wear clothing that is earthy, washed out, diluted. I want to mix patterns and textures, to drape, to layer. To encase myself in white, cream, nude, pale pink, pale blue, camel, navy and all the subtle neutrals in between with just a splash of bright blue like the Face Hunter girl.

(Images from top via: Cherry Hood, Face Hunter, Lucian Freud, Dropsnap, Cherry Hood, Drop Snap, Lucian Freud)

Things I Can't Buy - Part One

Things I Can't Buy (but you should!)

From top:

1. Charles Anastase Skirt from Opening Ceremony Sale

2. Chloe Sevigny for OC Shirt from Opening Ceremony Sale

3. OC Flats from Opening Ceremony Sale

4&5. Dion Lee Shirt from The New Guard Sale

I have decided to bite the bullet and go on a temporary shopping ban. I need to save, and seeing as at this point I have enough clothes to last a LONG time, I must be disciplined. I have the incentive, so now I just need to deal with the urge. The urge to snap up those particularly beautiful items that I know I will regret not buying. The urge has slowly developed over time after many tragic shopping tales that often end up in desperation.

My restraint has gotten in the way many times before and has resulted in many repressed clothing desires that eventually end up as obsessions. So while a ban seems to go against my best instincts, for the sake of bigger and better adventures I must get over the urge (for a little while anyway).

I am actually very satisfied with my wardrobe at the moment. But unfortunately as a frequent 'window shopper' of many online stores I have come across some lovely items that I have been stalking for months and that have finally entered the delightful stage known as final sale. However, I can't be greedy anymore, and so now I share with you some of my picks.

I hope you enjoy Part One, I suspect there will be many more installments to come.


Saturday, 9 January 2010

On Sunday I had a stall at Camberwell Market which was semi-successful. I sold some things and made a little bit of cash (although not as much as previous times). But what made it all worthwhile was stumbling across a lady selling piles and piles of old magazines for $1 each while I was waiting in line to hire a clothes rack. Luckily I had a friend with me who minded my spot in the line while I carried two piles of magazines back and forth to the car. It was so exciting. I can't really describe just how happy old, cheap magazines make me. I got a heap of Vogue Italia, Dazed & Confused and I-D, but best of all are two that I absentmindedly threw onto my pile at the last minute.

For international readers this won't mean much, but to an Australian girl this will surely take you back. I picked up two late 80s issues of DOLLY. Oh yes, that's right. DOLLY!!!!!!!! For those who don't know, Dolly is an early-teen mag with fashion, beauty, health and boy advice. And amazing quizzes like: Are you Psychic? and articles such as: What Girls Do Wrong On Dates. I remember reading it when I was 11 and 12, and loving the Dawsons Creek and Freddie Prinze Jnr. posters (I know - WHY???), the surfer girl fashion and always wondering if I was the only one my age not 'dating' or having a 'summer fling'.

The Dolly of the 1990s that I remember, however, is VERY different to the Dolly of the late 80s. The editorials are actually really really good. Maybe it is just borrowed nostalgia (I don't actually remember the 80s as I was 3 when they ended) but I am loving these looks. They feel very Comme des Garcons. I would wear something like this right now if it wasn't 43 degrees Celsius in Melbourne. I'm actually melting as I type this.

There was actually a much more suitable beach editorial in the issue as well, that reminded me a lot of this month's RUSSH, and reminded me of the lime green boogie board I had as a teen. I loved that thing! Good times. I would give anything to be on the beach it now, instead of cooped up in the city working on my laptop. It is so wrong to have to work when the temperature is above 35C. Oh well, at least I have my memories to keep me cool.

Breathe, Cry, Sing

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

(From top left: Dropsnap, Spur mag
azine, Turned Out, Copenhagen Street Style, Face Hunter, Oyster Mag via The Fashion Spot, unknown, Pop magazine, Dropsnap)

"If you do not breathe through writing, if you do not cry out in writing, or sing in writing, then don't write,
because our culture has no use for it."

- Anais Nin

I've been reading a lot of Anais Nin at the moment and this quote above has really struck a chord with me. It seems like good advice not just for writers but for all creators and all consumers. As this is the first week of 2010, and lots of bloggers are posting reflective/resolution posts, I felt compelled to think of my own direction and choices. I have been doing a lot of reading and thinking about my approach to dressing (and life) for the last few months, and this quote has taken this analysis further.

This year my life is going to change dramatically in a lot of ways, and I guess as a means of dealing with the chaos and the unknowns I decided last year to begin the long process of refining my wardrobe and all my earthly possessions.

The 'change' I speak of so mysteriously involves moving from my dear home town of Melbourne to Paris for the second half of this year to complete my final semester of uni on exchange. And once I have finished my studies in Jan 2011 I am moving to the UK for a few years (hopefully...if I get a job before my money runs out). I will have company, but I have no idea what will happen and I can't plan and it is driving me crazy.

These changes are obviously self-imposed and don't get me wrong, I am as excited as all hell, but it is still daunting. Taking control of my objects is helping me release my inner control-freak (apologies that I sound like a wanky self-help book). And now this quote has come along, and made it even clearer that I should only surround myself with things that speak to me, and do things that make me feel alive.
That there is enough stuff in this world that is mundane, mediocre and mindless, that we should hold ourselves up to a higher standard, expect more of ourselves and of everything/one around us.



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