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Saturday, 27 March 2010

This quiz was passed on to me by the lovely Mez from Blithely Unaware.I've never done a quiz on the blog and as a result my answers are way too long so I've chucked in some outfit pics to break it up a bit. If you make it to the end bravo.

How would you describe your style?

Good question. I’ve been thinking about this myself recently in an attempt to have a more coherent wardrobe, but I realised I like a mish mash of things that don’t really go together and the fun part is trying to make it work. My wardrobe is a mix of vintage lace dresses , crazy draped/deconstructed CDG type stuff, a few A.P.C shirts and cardis thrown in, a bit of Arnsdorf, TV and Gary Bigeni for patriotism, lots of man style pants and brogues, lots of high waisted shorts/skirts, about a bazillion tights, some basics from AA and Topshop. I guess colour is where I try and make it all work by sticking to lots of black, grey, cream, navy, rust, khaki with splashes of blue, pink or burgundy.  Lace, stripes, spots, plaid, drapery, sheer, layered, volume, men’s clothing >> an outfit with as many of these elements as possible makes me happy. I also enjoy cheap, kitschy accessories. 

Wearing from top left: 1) AA tri-blend crop tee, Topshop blue top worn as skirt, long white cardigan/robe thing bought in a vintage store in Notting Hill, Junya Watanabe for CDG blue sandals. 2) All Saints cream lace skirt (that I found for $5 at Camberwell market!) worn as top with secondhand Esprit black slightly flared capri pants, and not shown Opening Ceremony cream cut-out heels. 3) Topshop blue top, Weekday fake suede high waist shorts via Filippa, Arnsdorf nude leather belt, Junya sandals again.

What wardrobe item can’t you live without?

As boring as this sounds black tights, AA crop tee shirts and high-waisted shorts. These are the things that form the basis of my daily wardrobe. But in terms of what items I would mourn forever should they ever leave me....my cream netted shorts from HK, my Junya Watanabe blue sandals, Ksubi silk printed dress, Carin Wester for Weekday white cardi with black fox stole print, Opening Ceremony black leather and mesh wedges and my CDG khaki and navy wool jumper. The Bernhard Willhelm dress that is on its way to me is very likely going to be added to this list once it arrives.

 What’s on your wish list?
SO MANY THINGS! Almost all of which I predict will remain on this list for quite some time because I am poor and they are pretty much all from past seasons.... 
Josh Good cloud print dress, Ann Demeulemeester white shirt with buckles at back, CDG Glove top/skirt/dress, the perfect pair of high waisted slim leg pants, LD Tuttle grey lace up boots, Acne sheer zebra tights in black, CDG toe brogues, a Materialbyproduct dress, the perfect printed wool coat, a long sheer pleated pale pink skirt, Tao for CDG wool corset, some Nom D and Akira....hmm I could go on.
But I must say I’m satisfied with what I have now and have no sense of urgency to buy anything new, which is nice.
Who or what inspires you?

Right now - Chocolate covered coffee beans, mangoes, good sushi, good tea, ok so basically good food in general (can you tell I’m hungry?), So-En magazine, StyleLikeU, blogs, walking around the city, sitting on public transport, Cheap Chic Update, finally understanding Derrida after reading one of his essays 4000 times, studying (especially literature/art history), drawing, swimming, dancing, watching Spooks and The West Wing, organising stuff, country op shops, planning, music, learning French grammar, Chloe Sevigny, the whole CDG group, Anna Karina, Bernhard Willhelm, getting my hair cut, road trips, new pyjamas......blah blah blah I could go on forever. I guess you could say I’m an inspiration slut. 

 Images from latest So-En


Friday, 26 March 2010

I am on a blogging roll people! I realised today that I will never be the steady, reliable type of blogger that posts everday. Unfortunately for you I am much more up and down when it comes to inspiration, so please excuse me if I am absent for a few days or longer, just know I will be back soon with lots of posts up my sleeve. And I thought about scheduling posts so instead of bombarding you all they come out routinely, but I prefer it this way. I like looking back at the dates of when I posted and seeing when I felt like posting and when I didn't. BUT on to something much more interesting than my blog-style analysis.....

Japan Fashion Week!!!!!!!!! 
Tonight I am home and decided to look through the JFW site and check out the designers. 
I am rarely up to date with fashion weeks, but felt a calling tonight and I am so happy I did. 
So far I have discovered two labels I love; Kamishima Chinami (who I haven't come across before) and The Dress & Co.  (who I think I have seen featured in So-En before)
First up Kamishima Chinami....

 I love the shapes, the textures, the colours, the hair, and the coherence of this collection.
More info about the designer here

Next up is The Dress & Co.

With this collection it is mainly the styling that I am drawn to, rather than individual pieces. Each outfit seems like it would be quite easy to replicate with existing items and are wearable without being boring. There are lots of lovely details, and  the colour palette is exactly to my taste.

I highly recommended checking out the JFW site if you have some time to kill, they have updated with an archive so you can look back over past collections as well. It is almost too good too be true.

More from Bernhard

 Bernhard Willhelm S/S 08 Women's collection
via the wonderful site that is Totem Fashion

Picnic Time

Thursday, 25 March 2010

(images from Shop Fatal and The Fashion Spot)

Bernhard Willhelm's S/S 2009 Collection has remained one of my favourite collections ever since I first saw it on The Fashion Spot way back in 2008. He is one of the few designers who I think does colour and print really well, and who is a wacky and fun but still presents well constructed, complex, and wearable clothes.

A few dresses from the collection were on sale on Shop Fatal last year, but I hesitated and missed out and have regreted it ever since. In some magical twist of fate I spontaneously decided to search 'Bernhard Willhelm' on ebay last week (I always forget to search for him because items of his come up so rarely) and low and behold found one of the dresses! Best of all it was in my price range (well just...I will still have to eat mee goreng for the rest of the month) and I won it! YAY! Ebay has been kind to me of late, thank you ebay gods. So now it is making it's way to me, and I can't wait to show you when it arrives. This is the first Bernhard Willhelm piece I have ever bought so I am extra excited. I always go and look at his clothes in the Nom D  store on Gertrude street and am always amazed at the quality and details that can only be discovered in person. 

Now in honour of this grand moment, I want to post some more images of this epic collection....enjoy!

Money money money

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Last night I bid on these Margiela money print sandals on Ebay and lost, but the unthinkable happened and the winner changed her mind so I got them on a Second Chance Offer. That never happens to me, I am still a little shocked. They were a damn good price too. 
I have no idea what collection/year they are from, does anyone know?

More from So-En

I am terrible at my blog promises, so while these are not from the current issue of So-En they are a selection of images from previous issues that I wanted to share. I will get around to posting some from the latest edition, I'm a little delayed when it comes to these things. From these images I have established a few things:

- I want to draw a little paw on my arm like the first photo. Or wear a printed top and copy the print's motif with bodypaint onto my arm or chest, just a small, subtle detail that confuses the eye.
- I really want some more tartan in my life. I think I just want some tartan fabric I can play with.
- Those baseball jackets (or whatever they are called) look really good when worn with giant pom pom beanies. Who would have thought?

A favourite

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

I'm probably getting a little too repetitive on this blog talking about the weather in nearly every post but too bad, because I am obsessed with the weather forecast and check it numerous times throughout the day. So now that is out of the way, I will tell you that the weather in Melbourne has returned to Summer this week. If you have been reading my blog for a while you will know I really prefer Winter dressing, and while I don't despise the heat, it does present some practical issues when getting dressed. Today I had the day off classes and went out to run some errands and have coffee with a friend, so needed heat-proof clothing. I am a big fan of layering, hence my preference for the cooler months, but searching through my closest I remembered these shorts/skirt. I bought them back in 2004 on my first overseas trip in Hong Kong. I was so excited, they cost me only $30 (which actually seemed like a lot to me at the time because everything else was around $5) and were the only pair in the obscure store I had stumbled upon. They are one of my favourite things ever, firstly because they are shorts which means no flashing, secondly they are comfortable, thirdly they are still interesting thanks to the clever netted drapery and finally they remind me of the rush and joy of that trip. They are everything I look for in an item of clothing (ok except the quality is not amazing, but meh what can you expect for $30, and they are still going strong after 6 years so I can't complain). I hope I still have these when I am 80 years old. And that little dot on my stomach in the bottom pick is my belly ring, not some weird deformity. Like my shorts, I have had it for many many years, and while it's hardly ever on display I hope I have it forever.

One day...

Friday, 12 March 2010

...hopefully I will own one of these knitted corsets.

Tao debut for Comme des Garcons, 2005
Image via TFS


Monday, 8 March 2010

....I have been dreaming about getting a pair of custom made shoes or boots by Emma the Shoemaker. These are just a few of her lovely designs, but she also takes special requests. She fits the shoe to your feet and hand makes them all herself in her studio in Melbourne using a traditional Italian shoemaking method that involves making the shoes in paper first then transposing the design to leather. It sounds utterly delightful, I would love to see the paper templates!

....I have attempted to start taking outfit photos. These are from a week or more ago and aren't very exciting but without a tripod or decent camera it takes a lot of experimenting to get myself in shot! I'm looking quite serious in the 2nd photo, I was trying to show the detailing on the arms of that top - I really love it. Also, please excuse the rubbish bin in the corner of the last photo, I forgot to move it haha.Will try to do this more regularly and hopefully with more exciting outfits. 

....I really enjoyed checking out Jun Takahashi's F/W 10-11 collection for Undercover. Takahashi presented practical, wearable clothes modelled by his wife Riko who stood in front of projections of everyday, urban locations. While the clothes are nothing mindblowing, the presentation is very thoughtful and the final images  are really quite stunning. The first image where Riko is soaking wet made me chuckle a little after Saturday night's crazy storm in Melbourne. I was caught out in the city along with what felt like half the population and it was chaos, but also quite exciting.

That is all for now, uni went back last week so I now have a steady stream of homework and readings to do. I'm picking up the latest issue of So-En today so will have some photos for you all tomorrow!


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