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Arnsdorf for Sportsgirl

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Not sure how I missed this but Arnsdorf have created a small collection for Sportsgirl featuring a 'best of' from their past collections. Think pastel cotton button-up shirts, linen pleated pants, twisted jersey tops and leggings. It was released on May 25 in stores and online. Really loving the plum linen trousers and blue shirt and have my fingers crossed they go on sale so I can snap them up! Also, Arnsdorf's designer Jade has been blogging for The Vine about life in New York and more. Check it out!

a moment to breathe

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Finally I have a little breathing time amidst the craziness of exam period. I'm not finished yet but the load has eased after a frantic, sleep deprived week and so I have given myself the weekend to relax, bliss! 

Whenever I get busy and don't have time to post I accumulate lots of images and thoughts that probably should be seperated into short individual posts but instead I prefer cramming them all together. So apologies for the overload! I have some outfit posts coming up very soon, but for now these are just some of my recent thoughts.

And thanks for all the comments about Paris! It's all very exciting, although I sometimes I have to remind myself of that when I'm surrounded by all the piles of paperwork involved in visa applications. But really, if that is my greatest concern, life sure is dandy. 

Recent outfits I've been enjoying. Highlights - Cosy, comfy layering, the Charles Anastase boots making another rare appearance in the 3rd pic, and the CDG 09 coat, will never get over those.

Been thinking about earrings again lately. Used to be obsessed and built up quite a collection of all kinds from quirky studs, to 'chandelier' earrings that were big in 2003 or so. Have to dig them out and see if there are any I want to resurrect. I bought the above left earring off ebay for something like $5 the other day. Have been thinking alot about ear 'cuffs' and the like. Particularly loving these ones (on right) by Estelle Deve of One Perfect Morning blog. Also, don't ears look weird so close up?

Also been looking at the Sea of Shoes archives circa 2008- pre-fancy photography, Debutante ball and UO collabs. Not that I don't still check out Jane's blog, but there was just something more interesting about it back in the day.

This backpack is basically perfect. From Jak & Jil of course. 
If anyone knows where to get anything similar let me know. I wouldn't even know where to begin searching.

In other news I have been trying to track down these Bless knit boots from 2007. Think I may have a lead, but will wait and see. Not sure how or why I suddenly decided I need these in my life but I have. The above image from the Ooga Booga blog probably has something to do with it. They just look so great with a bit of age and wear and tear, and I love me a flat black boot any day of the week.

Also besides loving the latest Chloe for OC lookbook like everyone else, it made me think even harder about doing something that has been simmering in the back of my mind for some time. That is - getting my hair done way way blonder/lighter. Ok so this is nothing extreme but I have never dyed my hair - EVER, so I'm freaking out because I'm quite lazy and cheap so am worried I'll do it once and then it will end up bad when I don't maintain it. AHHHH decisions. At the moment I'm dark blonde with lighter streaks from the summer sun, but as winter approaches I go a pretty blah shade. My amazing hairdresser is going to make me up some great coloured shampoo next week, it tints your hair slightly with each wash, yay! But between Chloe's lovely light locks and Dear Nike, hmmm..... any thoughts?

art for weary eyes

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Some of my favourite Australian artists right now.
From top: Steven Rendall, Mikala Dwyer, Gabriella & Silvana Mangano, Craig Burgess x 2, Mikala Dwyer.


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