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Sunday, 17 April 2011

Recently I discovered Swiss-based label Ikou-Tschüss, created by Guya Marini and Carmen D'Apollonio. The duo create amazing knitted pieces that are all handmade in their studio in Zurich. According to their website, the label began when Carmen's scarf flew off  her neck while she was bike riding. In response, they started making silk scarves with hand-knitted edges to weigh down the fabric. They now also create clothing, bags and cushions featuring the same detailing and featuring impeccable colour combinations and prints.

I find that I always love when designers come across a problem or inconvenience, and find a practical and stylish way to solve it. If clothes are breathtakingly beautiful, but are uncomfortable to wear, or get in the way of everyday tasks, then for me they step into the realm of the visual and become art rather than design. I am very much a practical girl at heart. I always prefer sensible flats and chunky heels, anoraks, backpacks for carrying an umbrella/sunglasses/band-aids, yet at the same time I don't (always) want to look like I'm about to go hiking. As such I am always impressed when designers manage this fine line and can combine utility with aesthetics. Now just need to start saving my pennies for one of the scarves.

chloe + gianni

Monday, 11 April 2011

Quick post to say how great Chloe Sevigny looks in this pale blue vintage Gianni Versace skirt suit.


Sunday, 10 April 2011

1. Delicious cinnamon buns and beautiful mugs with coffee from Nordic Bakery (recommended by Stevie)
2. Sculptures by Alberto Giacometti at Tate Modern
3. Ai Weiwei's stunning porcelain sunflower seed installation at Tate Modern (read about the artist's imprisonment in China over at Dazed Digital here
4 & 5. Scottish beaches and trains
6 & 7. Matching walking outfits and beautiful ponds at Hampstead Heath
8. Picnic last night at my local park - vegie burgers, frozen grapes, Birkenstocks and cider
9. Favourite homemade soup of the moment - Broccoli
10. More beautiful mugs filled with coffee, this time at Rose Bakery at Dover Street Market 

I only have one more day left in Glasgow. I will miss the Scottish landscapes, having an amazing park just out the back of my place, living in such a large apartment and hearing accents so thick I can barely understand them. But I am giddy with excitement about London and the possibility of regular trips to the Nordic Bakery, the Borough Market, Hampstead Heath, Liberty and beyond! The blog will be quiet over the next few days while I run around attending flat inspections and settling into work, but I'll be back very soon.


Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Image from 'Heavy Deeds' photographed by Grace & Lauren via Tourist Magazine

Thanks for all the London tips on my last post! I had a wonderful time and will post properly about it later, but at the moment I am madly organising myself because rather suddenly and unexpectedly I got a job while in London and am moving down next week! eeek! So keep the tips coming, because I'll have many more chances to explore and wander!

I'm still a little bit in shock, and can't quite believe I'm moving again, but this feels right. I'll be working at a lovely little store in Notting Hill, selling beautiful things with some equally wonderful ladies. I really can't wait. Now I just need to find a place to sleep.


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