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cool girls

Thursday, 26 May 2011

All photos from Cavaan

I can't believe it has taken me so long to discover Aimee's amazing blog Cavaan. She is one of the creators of the wonderful Pocketto magazine, along with Emma from This is a Dialogue (and former author of Aus Style). She is also a really really good photographer, and wears very inspiring outfits - see above for evidence. Emma also wears and styles cool outfits, and draws really cool pictures.

This is probably going to sound lame/patronising/sappy but it makes me so happy to see intelligent, creative young women working on such exciting projects. It is so rare, and refreshing, to find people who don't just sit around talking, smoking, drinking and pretending to be 'arty' but who actually put in the hardwork that is required to transform fluffy ideas from hot air into something tangible. (Although that isn't to say that talking, smoking and drinking can't be part of this process, but successful artists in any field know that in between sessions there needs to be a whole lot of work done).

Having followed Emma's blog Aus Style and the progress of Pocketto for a couple years now I'm really looking forward to watching it develop further, and seeing what else these two lovely ladies come up with. The fact they are both based in my hometown of Melbourne is also really cool (although they both also love to travel, and take stunning photos while doing it).

Another example of a cool girl doing cool things is Kat George, who is originally from Melbourne but now based in New York. She used to write a fashion blog called Style Lines which is sadly no more, but while it lasted it was really funny, clever and aesthetically pleasing at the same time - a rare combination. Anyway, she now has a writing blog called kat(G)litter where she posts hilarious and heart-warming articles about life in New York, dating, and all our favourite late 90s/early 00s icons such as her recent '10 lessons as sung by the Spice Girls' post. 

All in all, these are the kind of people that make me want to get up and do things.

pjs and slippers

Monday, 23 May 2011

 There is something so comforting, and slightly wrong, about shoes originally intended for indoor-only use being adopted for everyday. Rather than trying to avoid the 'retiree escaping from nursing home' connotations, if I owned any of these I would turn up the grandpa style as much as possible and ideally wear them with some cotton tapered trousers and a button-down shirt, or loose-fit shorts with an old striped tee. Basically wearing anything that verges on looking like (or actually being) pyjamas. Sleepwear (and not the glamorous, silk, vintage worn in the 'boudoir' kind) is really inspiring me lately. I guess it is the ease, the comfort, the practicality and the casualness of such garments, not to mention the use of lovely fabrics like striped cotton and linen, that is so appealing. I'm thinking shirts, shorts, tapered trousers and tunics in cotton, linen and soft chambray, either plain, striped or checked, or even with subtle embroidery.

These vintage adverts, from this amazing flickr, illustrate the kind of items/styles I want to work into my own wardrobe. To be continued...

grow yourself to pieces

Sunday, 22 May 2011

 I've been: tempted by cute stationary from here, admiring the beautiful interiors by Muji x Idée via Make it easy, thinking how much I love her haircut and outfit (which she made herself) via Anne Bernecker, lusting after ceramics via Ensuite, listening to Little Dragon, dreaming of Surface to Air tapestry slippers,Thomsen via OC obsessing over Mina Perhonen's prints, trying not to buy this shirt by and skirted shorts by Rowena Sartin via Iko Iko, hoping that I can find a similar table to this one via Ashley Helvey's blog.


I've been a bad blogger, but by the sounds of things Blogger has been up to no good too so I guess my timing worked out well. Lately I've tried to establish some kind of routine in my life, but it has been quite difficult. Half of my belongings (and my better half) are still in Glasgow, so I've been making do with what I have while waiting until next weekend when I am catching the train up, packing and then driving back down. Not looking forward to the manic packing that is ahead, but very excited about the road trip and getting out of the city for a few days. 

I've had a great few weeks at work and have been lucky enough to meet some really cool people, including the editors of So-En (those of you who have read my blog for a while will know just how much I love this mag) who came in recently (they featured the store I work in a few issues back). Also for Australian readers out there, Kate Ritchie came into the store the other day! After picking up on my accent (and also probably overhearing my excited whispers of 'ahhh she is famous in Australia..she was on Home & Away...it is SALLY' to my colleague) we had a chat about Melbourne and London and coffee. I never really even watched Home & Away, but it was still pretty cool to meet a famous Aussie on the other side of the world. 

What have you beem doing/reading/listening to/eating/wanting?

tell him he's dreamin

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

From top left: Weekday hat, Sigg water bottle via Brook Farm General Store, Karen Walker dress via Creatures of Comfort, Charles Anastase x Linda Farrow sunglasses via La Garconne, Hammam towel via Brook Farm General Store, B Store shoes, Stine Goya x Weekday dress, UZI tee and Shabd skirt via Totokaelo, Bless x Weekday umbrella hat.

Dreaming of a holiday to a warm place with beaches and islands where all one needs is a good hat, a comfortable dress, some sturdy shoes, a water bottle, a versatile towel/shawl/picnic blanket and plenty of time for swimming, exploring and drinking gin & tonics as the sun sets.

I'm really loving all the beautiful prints that are around at the moment, in particular this Hydrangea print dress by Karen Walker which reminds me of my dear gran who loves her gardening as much as she loves the beach. I have a photograph of her posing by the sea, taken when she was around my age, decked out in typical, glamorous 30s swimwear (she is very old). It's from before colour photography was available to the masses, and has been hand coloured to highlight her red lipstick. She was such a babe (still is).

spring cleaning

Monday, 2 May 2011

From top: A Détacher sandals via Totokaelo, Arnsdorf at RAFW via Stud Farm, photo from the lovely blog Belle Fleur de Lis, film still from Notting Hill, streetstyle shot from Anne Bernecker A Détacher shorts via Creatures of Comfort, leather envelope wallet via Postalco, photo from Bless x Weekday lookbook via Weekday.

I'm finally back after settling in to life in London. Recently I've been loving all the bank holidays and sunshine, which in turn has got me thinking about how to best turn the roofspace outside the window in my new place into an outdoor garden/terrace area, which is turn has had me researching my plant options at the Columbia Road Flower Market. I've been thinking more about homewares than clothing, considering which herbs, flowers, plates and lamps to buy, although I have been dreaming of these A Détacher wedge sandals and shorts at work, and really want to inject some colours, like mint, yellow, pink, into my wardrobe. But, truth be told I am more interested in saving for trip to Turkey later in the year than spending my few spare pennies on clothing. Besides planning a few necessary, basic purchases to replace old worn items (ie. some black trousers, new brogues, plain tee), for the time being I'm focusing my energy on getting rid of what I haven't worn lately before I add anything else. I'm lapping up the feeling of potential that the weather, the wedding and my own relocation have created. I feel like a schoolkid on the first day of summer holidays, filled with excitement at the possibilities ahead.

So, what has been exciting you lately? And for anyone out there with a city gardens, any tips?



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