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beautiful things

Sunday, 27 November 2011

This photo taken in Iceland by Caitlin has me adding yet another country to my wishlist, Saskia de Brauw in an amazing coat photographed by Vanessa Jackman,  Mociun rings photo from Wiksten, Fig 3 A necklace by emedemarta, Marrakech Skirt by Pip Squeak Chapeau, Cutting Edges book of contemporary collage, lovely mismatched kitchenware photographed by Alyson at Marmunia, Lucy Chadwick and her amazing coffee contraption as shot by The Selby for Zara,
Bodkin Caos jumper at MNZ.

I'm coming down with a cold and am trying my best to fight it off so only have the energy for a post of 'hey look at all these beautiful things' (although that is pretty much the concept behind my entire blog). What beautiful things have you been looking at lately? (so I can look at them too!)


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