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fantasy home

Monday, 19 December 2011

Johanna Burke's Brooklyn apartment captured by Freunde von Freunden.

One day I would really love a home just like this. With faded paint and bare concrete, hanging potted plants, antique rugs, grand windows, lots of bookshelves, a long soft couch for reclining and reading and of course a lovely feline companion. A house for hosting dinner parties, catch ups over tea, for working, relaxing, living. 
I would jump at the chance to live in a place like this, but somehow I am also content with where I am now, in a cosy but slightly chaotic sharehouse that reflects my current stage of my life. I am no where near where I want to be professionally. I still have lots of ladders to climb up and down, challenges to face, people to meet, decisions to make, all that. Just as it takes time to build a career, it is going to take time to build a home of my own. Time and lots of work. So for now I am embracing the flaws (and I mean real flaws, not artfully distressed walls like above) like the ramshackle collection of furniture no one else wants, the bad carpet, the ugly set of drawers and the shower with a mind of its own, and dreaming of that one day.

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