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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Things that I'm into at the moment (from top left): amazing outfits over at The Dreamy Little Picture Show, Yue natural raw leather backpack at Pour Porter, APC quilts, this girl photographed by Face Hunter, reading about the New Balance factory over at Another and tracking down another pair, admiring Ashley Helvey and Miles Pederson's house over at Design Sponge (and as a result looking into getting a Chemex to make my own coffee), counting down the days until Von Sono and Colenimo SS12 arrives in store.

This week I've also been baking my own bread (I used the Easy Little Bread recipe from 101 Recipes and the name fits, it is really easy), eating lots of cabbage (it is in season now and is sooooo good. boiled in water with a bit of stock, add kale and other vegetables as desired. mmmmmm) and have taken up ballet again after far too long.

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