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Monday, 27 February 2012

I have been really getting into cooking lately, motivated by the discovery of a few new blogs namely My New Roots and 101 Cookbooks. Vliin's recent posts on nutrition and healthy eating have also added fuel to the fire. I also managed to pick up a a whole food cookbook and a bread making cookbook from Oxfam, both are from the 1970s and in addition to having really wonderful graphics, typefaces and that old book smell, they include so many simple and nutritious recipes. More on these later.

So far I've made my own goat's milk ricotta, raw brownies, cashew nut dreamcake (like cheesecake but much much better for you!), a lot of homemade wholemeal/rye/oat bread, and been whipping up a lots of quinoa/egg/raw vegetable salads for lunch.  I've also been trying lots of recipes from Ottolenghi's book Plenty including baked mushroom parcels, a beautiful puy lentil dish and crumbed, herbed pumpkin slices.

It's truly exciting discovering new ingredients and making things from scratch. I feel like a little kid seeing everything for the first time. Who knew Medjool dates tasted so good and could be blended with almonds and cacao to make a simple, delicious and healthy dessert? Why have I never tried Goat's Milk before? Cashews can be creamed -- whaatttt?

With all this in mind, I've started making some changes to my diet including cutting out sugar (for the most part - I do allow myself the occasional glass of wine) and all these resources are really helping. I don't want to go on and on about this too much, but I will say that it just feels right to eat this way. I don't feel as hungry, food tastes much richer, and it is really soothing to make what you are consuming.

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