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Sunday, 26 August 2012

Screenshot from Three Men and a Baby (all about high culture here)

The last few months I've really felt the pace of London for the first time.

Before I lived calmly and peacefully, walking to work through the suburbs, spending my days in an urban-village dreaming, searching, saving, serving. Idyllic in some senses, but also numbing.

I'm now at the other extreme, catching the tube into the heart of it all and feeling the pulse of a city and an industry that is relentlessly rushing. I know at some point I will need to take a moment to catch my breath, escape to the countryside and soak up clean air and big skies. But for now I am enjoying being part of the race.

I am also training for an actual race - a half-marathon in October. I am now over half way in distance and can finally comprehend making it to the finish line. If you are a not-so-keen runner who wants to enjoy it, I can't recommend signing up for a long-distance run enough. After a certain point it really does become a joy and a great way to calm your mind (if not your body). Also there are heaps of mental running events around, like the ZSL London Zoo Stampede in a few weeks. Unfortunately you aren't allowed to dress up as an animal for the event (yes, it actually has a warning when you sign up) so I'll have to make do and channel Tom Selleck instead.

Back to the fashion tomorrow, sorry for going AWOL yet again.

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