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Practical Things to Consider Before You Rent an Office

Friday, 23 May 2014

Regardless of whether you are a new business trying to find a space that fits your growing needs, or perhaps an established one in search of a better space, there are a few key factors you will need to consider when making your choice for a rented office space. Here are few of the practical things to consider before you rent an office:

Contract Length
The contract length may well be a significant element when deciding whether to rent an office or not. If you are a new business with an uncertain future, then it’s not advisable to tie yourself financially with something you might not be able to afford 12 months down the line.

What amount of space do you need initially, and do you feel like needing more space in near future? When it comes to space, you will likely never have enough for a business that is constantly expanding. When seeing offices available in the market, make sure there is extra space available on the premises for your business to expand.

You will need to figure out the amount you will pay in utility bills, if the deal you are getting is not all-inclusive. Figure out the money you will need to pay for the utilities and factor in this cost when considering moving to offices that have all- inclusive deals. For businesses that need to use a lot of gadgets and computers, power bills might go atrociously. Therefore, it might be a much better option to choose a property that is offering an all-inclusive deal.

The location certainly affects the image your business projects to the market and the clients you would like to sell your products or services to. If you manage to find an inexpensive office in a posh locality, then this will make your clients think that you are a recognized business that is doing well. This is something that is necessary for startups that are yet to get in touch with good clients.

Is there a parking space available? This will not be a huge problem if the majority of your staff uses public transport, but if you are planning to expand your business and anticipate having clients visiting your office, too little parking space can certainly be a problem.

A functional reception certainly gives you an edge, especially if you wish to impress clients visiting your office. When you have someone to meet and greet people visiting your office and re-directing inbound calls, then meetings can run a lot more smoothly and people working in the office do not need to be bothered about letting people in and out of the office building.

Meeting Room
A meeting room might be needed if you would like conduct meetings at a place that is away from the reach of your employees. This allows you to focus on the work at hand and communicate easily, without any distractions. A conference room can also be useful for conducting in-house meetings with employees or conducting interviews. So consider having some extra space for meeting room when evaluating office spaces available for rent.

Read the terms of the contract carefully and find out what applies and what doesn’t. If the lease agreement mentions certain things that you possibly will not need, never hesitate asking the property owner to reduce the rent.

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